Cleaning Services
Mako Pool & Spa offers a number of swimming pool and spa
cleaning services to suit your personal needs.  All estimates are
free and one phone call away.

I am certified in swimming pool and hot water (spa) chemistry and
all work is done by myself.  NO EMPLOYEES.  22 years experience.
Twice-A-Month Swimming Pool Service
Only $70.00 per month*

  • Company owned automatic cleaner  (i.e. Kreepy Krauly/
    Navagator) which stays in the pool in-between visits to
    vacuum your pool every day of the week.  There is no rental
    fee.  Free labor and parts at cost when you own your own.
  • Brush walls and steps
  • Clean tile
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash filter
  • Net debris out of pool
  • Test and balance water chemistry
  • All chemicals including algaecides, clarifier, and shock
    treatments are included with the service at no extra charge.*

Weekly Service
Only $95.00 per month*

Same services that are included in Twice-A-Month are included in
weekly service except there are four service visits per month.

*Conditioner is $65.00 a year.
*Taking filter apart with cleaning is $80.00 per occurrence (most
pools only require once-a-year)
*Extra large pools or yards with heavy landscaping may incur a
higher monthly charge

Spa Service
Twice-A-Month -$60.00 per month/Weekly -$75.00 per month

  • Vacuum spa
  • Brush walls, steps, tile, and outer edges
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash filter
  • Test and balance water chemistry
  • All chemicals including algeacides, clarifier, shock treatments,
    and conditioner are included with service
  • Remove filter cartridges and clean.  (Spa models with cartridges
    built into spa)

Chemical Only Service
$50.00 per month

  • Four service calls per month
  • All chemicals including algaecides, shock treatments, clarifiers,
    and conditioner are included

Commercial Pools / Spas / Fountains please  
refer to the commercial page in this site or
click on this link.
Serving Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster, Seal
Beach, and Costa Mesa.

State Contractors
Lic. # 864876

Full Liability Insurance


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